Percival Pundragon

an adventure of geeky proportions
by Cam Kendell

Calling all Patrons!

Hey Everybody!

I have no idea if anybody actually reads this blog... but if you do... and you like Percival Pundragon please check out the Patreon Page and become a Patron!

Percy's Patreon Page

by Cam Kendell

New Webcomic Home

The Tortle Walker is a relatively new creation. Powered by specially brewed growth mushrooms the Tortle Walker allows for quick and effective scouting.

Hey all, the Percival Pundragon webcomic has a new Official home! Check it out at! I'll probably continue to post the pages here as well because you have all been so great to me and supportive of the comic... but if you want to see the comic on at it's official home... go to

by Cam Kendell

I'm still going!

Hey everybody... Just wanted to let you all know that the comic is still going. It's been quiet as of late due to an increase in freelance work and... all that I've been doing to get ready for Salt Lake City Comic Con this month.

I'll be there promoting the webcomic and selling prints. If your there stop by and say hi. I'll be at table G3 in the Artist's Alley.

Anyway... here is a little bit of something from the comic to keep you going until I'm back into the normal routine.

The Air Fish is the largest transport employed by the Tortle Troopers. Sailing high in the sky in upturned shells of the massive Torticus Maximus suspended from great Flying Puffers. The inhabitants of Shroomlandia have learned that the arrival of such a ship to your town means certain trouble and the arrival of a fleet spells certain doom… or at least a few awkward conversations.

by Cam Kendell

Fine Art Newt

Happy Monday everybody!

Page 18 is in the works. If you haven't noticed I've had to slow down my production speed lately as I've been getting more freelance illustration work.

When I've launched the Percival Pundragon Kickstarter project hopefully that will allow me to focus my time solely on finishing the first book.

Thanks again to everybody who's been following the comic. Any sharing would be greatly appreciated, I want to share this story with as many people as I can!

Thought I'd share a refined version of Newt. You can see this and other updates on the Facebook Page as well.

by Cam Kendell

The DoKo

I'm currently working on Page 15 of the comic and will have it up shortly.

Until then... Here's a a quick Sketch of Percy hiding from the Savage DoKo.

Don't let the tie fool you... He's Savage like Ben!