Percival Pundragon

an adventure of geeky proportions

Characters and Creatures



Percival Pundragon

Percival Pundragon -

The gregarious and lovable hero of our story. A young, humble unishepherd of unknown parents and origin. Deep in his breast lies the desire to defend the right, help the helpless, and free the enslaved, peppered with a healthy dose of self-preservation and melodramtic imagination.


Newt -

A Shroomling and the self appointed guide and trainer of Percival Pundragon. Sent by the Shroomlings to await the arrival of the chosen one. He is a no nonsense, hard nosed yet caring, Miyagi-like sensei. Vocal yet reserved in his demeanor, little is known of his life or background.

Dewdimus Rock

Dewdimus Rock -

Who is this dude? Will he ever defeat the Great-Horned Slorgax?

King Tortle

King Tortle -


The tyrant tortle who rules Shroomlandia without a shred of mercy or benevolence. King Tortle is ruler of the tortles and self-proclaimed king of everyone and everything that is unfortunate enough to be found within his dictatorial reach.

In short... He's a mean, selfish, ruthless, and cruel dictator of a once free land.





Unisheep -

Also known as the Woolycorn or U-shee. This highly prized herd animal is bred for it's magical wool. An article of clothing made from Unisheep wool has the magical property of changing color to best compliment the wearer's complexion and the additional benefit of never shrinking when washed.


Squolves -

A ferocious creature recognized by it's small size, bushy tail, sharp incisors, and red eyes. Squolves live and hunt in packs. Their main prey being the Acorn, they hunt it with great intellegence and wily cunning. Squolves are not carnivores but have been known to shred unfortunate victims while searching their pockets for the prized acorn nut.

Angler Finch

Angler Sparrows -

A most unfortunate bird. Cursed with a useless, if dangerous light attached to the end of it's forehead. The Angler Sparrow has never been known to make use of the light but is constantly a prime target of predators because of it's unfortunate nature of "standing-out" in a flock. Occasionally these sparrows are captured and used as lanterns.